We're building a Smarter Financial eco-system powered by Cognitive Computing

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  • Human Intelligence enabled by Machine Learning

    Best of both worlds. OpelQ integrates the best of human minds in finance with the smartest of Cognitive Systems to deliver intelligence that handles all your finances in one place

  • Fudiciary, High-Trust, Confidential Financial advisory

    OpelQ has no bias, interest or greed. This is how it is designed & built ground-up. We always act in fiduciary capacity, in your best interest

  • Financial Inclusion for everyone

    OpelQ is not just a service or an app. Its a movement. A movement towards smarter consumers, financial institutions & regulators.
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Personal Behaviour driven Finance insights & recommendations


Seemless, Paper-less, Electronic Investment experience

Banking Simplified

Unified banking experience without accessing individual banks

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Financial Super-Computer in your Pocket !

  • Robo-Advisory based Financial Planning

  • Wealth Management

  • Unified Banking Experience

  • Integrated Investment Portfolio

  • Electronic Investments

  • Personal Advisor 24/7

Welcome to the World of Financial Freedom.

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